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Start Your Own Fearless Channel

Channels are dedicated homes on the Fearless app that feature the content of its owner.

If you are a filmmaker with only a single movie or show, you should view the How to Get Your Film or Series on Fearless article instead.

Requirements to Start a Channel on Fearless

  1. You have an established channel, brand or network that is at least 1 year old. Some channels are an individual, some are a production company or distributor, some are studios and some are collaborations between a group of creators.
  2. The content you propose for your channel is similar in some way and can be summarized in one sentence. For example: If Pixar were a channel, it might be described as “award-winning animated features and shorts”.
  3. You have at least 5 feature films and/or 3 series and/or 10 short films, or a reasonable combination thereof.
  4. You have plans to add new content to your channel consistently (update frequency is up for discussion).

Key Points for Channel Owners

  • You get your own dedicated space inside the Fearless app where your content is displayed and categorized. Plus, your content may be included in Browse as well (at the discretion of the Fearless Editors).
  • You earn all the revenues for the content on your channel and you decide how you’d like to pay the content owners.
  • You decide what content gets approved or denied for your Channel as long as it complies with the Fearless Responsible Entertainment Guidelines and our Technical Requirements.
  • You promote the content on your Channel and send traffic to it to grow your revenue.

How to Apply

Sound like this might be you? Send us an email at creators@fearless.li with information about your channel, screeners for at least 3 pieces of content, and a brief description of what content you plan to release in the next 12 months. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Updated on September 10, 2020

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