Fearless 2021 Year In Review & Looking Ahead to 2022

Whoa! What a wonderful, crazy, wild, exhilarating year it’s been! 2021 has brought us so much amazing stuff from a new Adele album to a murder conviction in the George Floyd case, this year has had its ups, downs and everything in between.

But what about 2021 at Fearless? Boy oh boy, did we do a lot of new things. Here’s a round-up of the highlights.

5. We said hello to Amazon FireTV & Desktop.

New apps are fun and our goal of having Fearless on every platform had us releasing our new FireTV app and a brand new experience for the Web (Desktop). And we aren’t stopping there, stay tuned for more platforms next year!

4. We tripled our membership.

New people flocked to Fearless like never before in 2021. We tripled the size of the Fearless community and we brought on over 500 new films and show episodes to our library!

3. We introduced Fearless LIVE.

It was so amazing going LIVE with so many Creators in 2021. Hosts Andrew, Deanna and Tony interviewed a ton of amazing Fearless Creators LIVE on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and more via a little program we called The Scoop. Do you want to see more LIVE content from us in 2022? Let us know! We are excited about what may come next.

2. The Fearless Team Got Bigger

This year, we grew our team to include new members like Isaac, Kelly and AJ. Plus, we brought on a large number of new Fearless Creators including Shawna Khorasani, Max Emerson, Stevie Jackson, good.clean.fun., Wave Films, Ronnel Ricardo Parham and more.

1. We went global, baby!

We have always believed that streaming services should ALWAYS be 100% global with all content being available to all areas. It is in allowing global reach that we ensure that all perspectives can be seen, cultural barriers can be lowered and understanding & empathy can win over hate. We are still a while away from that mission due to antiquated geographic restrictions in the film industry, however we did move further towards that goal in a BIG way this year by expanding Fearless from 7 countries to worldwide. Some titles are not still available in all regions, but the vast majority of our library is (which is uncommon in the streaming industry) – just another way that we are pushing the film industry forward without fear and doing what the others won’t.

P.S. We can’t do this without you.

Honestly, word of mouth has been the largest driver of growth for us and we want to thank everyone who continues to spread the good word. If you haven’t already done so, please consider telling 5 friends about Fearless! It makes a massive impact! and if you haven’t rated us yet on Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon and Trustpilot, we’d really appreciate it if you took a minute or two to do so.

Cheers to 2022! It’s going to be awesome!

Lots of love and happy streaming!
Matkai Burmaster & Deanna Widmeyer
Fearless Co-Founders

Credits: Article image by Choong Deng Xiang.

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