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Fearless Diversity Promise

Diversity is Paramount

We stand proudly united as one. We believe that true inclusivity can only be achieved when we celebrate content by minority creators including women, LGBTQ, BIPOC, disabled, and under-represented voices. Our goal is to lift up the stories and people who are not being heard. Fearless puts the middle finger up to the status quo and boldly charges forward as the streaming service for the rest of us.




Apply direct. Do all the work yourself.



Work with one of Fearless' partners. The Partner will handle all applications to Fearless and will often suggest other places to distribute your work as well. Partners will engage with you directly and collect revenues on your behalf, of which they will take a percentage of what you earn.

Aggregation Partner: FilmHub. Anyone can sign up and upload their film. Fearless reviews every film and series on FilmHub automatically and there's no need to submit to us.

Distribution Partner: We work with distributors from around the world. Speak to your distributor about getting your content on Fearless.

LGBTQ Partner: Mattioli Productions. If you have a title that is related to LGBTQ characters, topics, or themes, you can work with Mattioli Productions to bring your content to Fearless and dozens of other LGBTQ platforms as well. Email info@mattioliproductions.com for more information.

What is Fearless?

Fearless is a subscription streaming service for powerful independent film that drives our world forward with a focus on content that features diversity and inclusion.  Members pay a monthly fee to watch content and a portion of that revenue is paid out to filmmakers via royalties based on viewership hours.

Royalty Rates (How Much Creators Earn)

We currently pay $0.12 USD per hour streamed for paid content (not including trailers, bonus features, or “free” episodes/videos).  This rate is subject to change at any time.

Creators can also opt for their content to be available for free to everyone (including both members and non-members) in which case, the rate is $0 as Fearless does not have ads of any kind.  This “free” option should only be employed by those who wish to prioritize views over revenue as you will earn absolutely NOTHING if you choose this.

Is exclusivity required?

No, we leave that decision up to you. Some Creators choose to be on Fearless only and drive all their traffic there and others choose to be elsewhere as well such as Amazon Prime and Vimeo OnDemand. You do what is right for you and your film/series. 

What is the contract length?

1 year minimum to start. After that, month-to-month.

Do you distribute globally?

Fearless will showcase your movies/shows in all available countries by default and add new countries as we enter those markets.  If you have restrictions on which countries your content can appear in, let us know.

What content is Fearless looking for?

We accept submissions for features, series and shorts across all genres.  Content that features diversity and inclusion in some capacity is more likely to be accepted.  Priority content types include: LGBTQ, QPOC, indigenous, female-driven, disability, documentaries, and social impact films.  If your content does not fit within these focus areas, you are still welcomed to submit.

Who decides if my Title is approved or not?

Fearless has a team of volunteer Curators who review titles and make collective recommendations, therefore rendering the selection process democratic. The Curation Team does not get paid and are dedicated to ensuring that representation and inclusion in the film industry is increased. The people on the Curation Team include Directors, Cinematographers, Sound Engineers, Composers, Actors, Screenwriters and other Film Industry professionals. If you’d like to join the Curation Team, email creators@support.li with the subject “Join Curation Team.”

What Criteria Does Fearless Use to Make Decisions on If Content is Approved or Not?

Writing, sound, score/music, cinematography, acting, story, impact on society, uniqueness, resolution, aspect ratio, genre, typography. Anything that a film festival would look at, we look at.  All decisions are final and we do not have an appeal process.  If your title is rejected, you may resubmit once 60 days has elapsed if you think your title should have been approved. Please do not resubmit more than twice. If you resubmit before 60 days has elapsed, your submission will NOT be reviewed.

What Content We Avoid

The following types of content are rarely accepted:

  • Content geared exclusively to Kids (teen content is acceptable though).
  • Podcasts (Audio films/series are acceptable though).
  • Filmed Live Concerts & Events (unless as part of a documentary).
  • Vlogs or “General Interest YouTube Videos”
  • Content that is inherently racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, or sexist is generally rejected. Exceptions are made for documentaries or titles that make it clear that such behaviour is not condoned.

Am I Guaranteed to Make Lots of Money on Fearless?

No. There are no gurantees. You are paid when people watch your work.   If lots of people watch your work, you earn lots of revenue. If nobody watches your work, you earn nothing. The Creators that earn the most on Fearless actively promote their own movies/shows and encourage their followers to watch their content on Fearless.  Features and series also typically earn more than short films.  Creators with 3 or more titles on Fearless also typically earn more.

Why do some Creators have a "Channel" and others do not?

Channels are a new feature that is being slowly expanded. To be eligible for a Channel, you must have a minimum of 3 titles available on Fearless and a strong Brand Identity. If you feel you meet this criteria, please email support@fearless.li to inquire.  If you have less than 3 titles on Fearless, you cannot have a Channel.

Can I make my show/film a Fearless Original?

At this time, we are only working with existing Creators on this. If you’re interested, email support@fearless.li to discuss.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED PITCHES FOR FEARLESS ORIGINALS AND THEY ARE DESTROYED WITHOUT VIEWING THEM.

Are there additional ways I can earn revenue from Fearless?

Yes. You can earn additional revenue by becoming an Affiliate and helping us sell Fearless Memberships.  Let us know if this interests you.  If so, you will be provided with a code and anytime someone signs up for a membership, you will receive a financial reward.

I have a great idea for a show/movie. Can I pitch it to you?


Do you accept screenplays?

No. We only look at completed works.