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LGBTQ+ 1st

Fearless is LGBTQ owned and we champion LGBTQ+ voices as our main priority. Content on Fearless is LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly. We also love championing diversity & inclusion in general.

Global reach

Fearless is available in the majority of countries worldwide. We reach a wide range of viewers with diverse tastes and interests. In addition, our creators are from all backgrounds, regions and life experiences.

Free marketing support

From advice on artwork to promote your film to ideas to help you reach new audiences, we support our creators with free resources & support. Have a question or need a referral? We are happy to help our creators anytime.

Certified Filmhub Partner

Tell your stories.

We believe that the best films and series are those told by Creators who have stories they MUST tell. Fearless facilitates a platform where your vision can be celebrated.

Build your community.

A key element to your success is nurturing your audience so they come back for more. We help people discover you encourage them to support your work.

Be your own boss.

Everyone's goals are different. Some want to monetize and others just want eyeballs on their work. Whatever your mission, Fearless is here for what you want & need.

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“Fearless is a platform I'm super duper proud to be a part of”

This is Ryan Balas, one of the many Fearless Creators.

Watch this short video to hear Ryan talk about his experience with Fearless and why he's proud to be a Fearless Creator.

Why Fearless?

Because we do what the big networks won't.

1. We put inclusivity first.

Major Hollywood studios aren’t doing enough to ensure that LGBTQ and inclusive perspectives are being showcased, so Fearless works 10 times as hard to ensure marginalized creators and stories featuring marginalized characters are uplifted.

2. We platform independent.

We only work with the independent film market. This means that we are dedicated to the success of every Fearless Creator and Fearless actively works to be a platform that makes space for every filmmaker regardless of size, budget, race, gender, sexuality or status. All Creators deserve visibility, not just the 1% rich & famous Hollywood elites of the industry.

3. We offer choice.

Some creators want to give away their work for free and just get eyeballs on their work. Other creators want their content to be available to paid viewers only and earn royalties for their work. We offer both options so creators can choose the path that is right for them.

4. We stay out of it.

Many major platforms and networks impose a large amount of restrictions and creative input on creator’s stories and projects. Fearless showcases your work exactly as you made it with as minimal network input as possible. It’s your story, not ours.

License Types

Select what works for you.

License Type A


Best for you if:


How to Apply:

If you have a completed feature film, short or series that you want to release on the Free License, you can submit to us directly without the need for a distributor.

Be aware of scams: It’s free to submit. Fearless will never charge you fees of any kind for submitting. If you see a scam asking for money to submit, please forward it to support@fearless.li so our team can look into helping to get it stopped.

License Type B


Best for you if:


How to Apply:

A: If you have a distributor, ask them to submit their avail list to us directly via distributors@fearless.li.

B: Submit via FILMHUB (recommended for most creators)

Fearless is an certified Filmhub partner. When you add your films/series to  Filmhub, you submit to Fearless as well as dozens of other streaming services at the same time. Filmhub will take a 20% cut of the revenue you earn and you’ll keep 80%. Filmhub will handle most of the work for you including delivery to the streaming services in accordance with the specs and will pay you directly on behalf of all platforms you end up on including Fearless.

If Fearless denies your film/series on Filmhub, other platforms may still accept you.


B: Submit to Fearless DIRECTLY

When you submit directly to Fearless, you keep 100% of your revenue but you must do all of the work yourself including delivery, requesting reports and ongoing  management of your titles. This method is recommended for creators who have more than 1 feature films/series (or more than 3 short films) and who are MOTIVATED and DEDICATED to the success of their work.

License Type C


Best for you if:



How to Apply:

Send us an email at creators@fearless.li with details about you, your project and why you’d like to be a Fearless Original.

Please also include what fee (in USD or CAD) you would require for a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year exclusivity agreement.

Creator FAQs

About Fearless

Fearless is a subscription streaming service for powerful independent film that drives our world forward with a focus on content that features diversity and inclusion.  Members pay a monthly fee to watch content and a portion of that revenue is paid out to filmmakers via royalties based on viewership hours.

Fearless is in the vast majority of countries worldwide. Creators can be from almost any country.  By default, we stream content to every country Fearless is available in, If you have restrictions on where your content can be streamed, let us know and we are happy to geo-block certain regions as required.

Money Stuff

This depends on which License you are on.  On Free Licenses, Creators do not earn any royalties.  On Paid Licenses, Creators earn the royalty rate which is no less than $0.10 USD per hour streamed OR the alternative rate as per your documentation. If you have a distributor or are working with us through Filmhub, then you likely must pay a portion of your earnings to that third party.

Fearless is in the vast majority of countries worldwide. Creators can be from almost any country.  By default, we stream content to every country Fearless is available in, If you have restrictions on where your content can be streamed, let us know and we are happy to geo-block certain regions as required.

No. There are no guarantees and you should have reasonable expectations about working with us and about the industry in general. Most creators we work with do not become multi-millionaires.  

On Fearless, if you are on a paid license, then you are paid when people watch your work. If lots of people watch your work, you earn lots of revenue. If nobody watches your work, you earn nothing. The Creators that earn the most on Fearless actively promote their own movies/shows and encourage their followers to watch their content on Fearless. The creators that advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and others get larger revenue as well.  Features and series also typically earn more than short films.  Creators with 3 or more titles on Fearless also typically earn more as they start to build up an audience that will watch more than 1 of their titles (which can make your revenue double, triple, etc.).

If you do not promote your own work, you will not be as successful. This applies to both working with Fearless and anywhere else you choose to distribute. Marketing, promotion and advertising is KEY to success. While there certainly are unicorns that just “go viral” on their own, most content is successful in part because they are well promoted.

Yes, creators are welcome to join the Ambassador Program where they can earn referral revenue for helping to bring new members to Fearless.

Learn more and signup here.

Approval & Denial Criteria

We accept features, series and shorts across all genres. 

Content that features diversity and inclusion in some capacity is more likely to be accepted.  Priority content types include: LGBTQ, QPOC, Black, Indigenous, female-driven, disability, social impact documentaries, and films that showcase under-represented groups or stories. 

Content does not have to have these elements – it is merely a priority for us. We often accept titles that contain none of these elements as well so don’t let this stop you from applying, but your chances are lower.

We ALWAYS reject content that is intended for kids under 12 (teen content is often accepted on a case-by-case basis).

We USUALLY reject content that is homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, ableist or showcases violence against minorities. We review these on a case-by-case basis taking into account the context and intent of the use of these elements (ie: if its for educational or historical purposes, to illustrate unacceptable behaviour, and so on, then it may potentially be accepted).

We ALWAYS reject titles that feature culturally insensitive terms about marginalized groups UNLESS those terms are uttered by characters that are part of that marginalized group.

The following types of content are rarely accepted:

  • Any content with the term Fearless in its title (ie: A series called “We Are Fearless Women” would be automatically rejected).
  • Content about Covid-19.
  • Podcasts and Audio Books
  • Music Videos, Filmed Concerts & Live Music Performances.
  • Videos that contain logos, trademarks or music that you cannot produce proof that you have the rights to use.
  • Videos that contain elements of “YouTube-i-fication” (ie: subscribe to our channel, follow us, links in the video, this video is sponsored by, etc).
  • Vlogs, How To or “General Interest YouTube Videos”
  • Content that is inherently racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, or sexist is generally rejected. Exceptions are made for documentaries, historical representations, or titles that make it clear that such behaviour is not condoned.
  • Content that features children using guns, weapons or dugs, nudity of anyone under 18 (yes, even babies), content that may illicit real-life violence, and other content we may deem to be dangerous in nature.
  • Content that is pornographic in nature.  Sexual themes and sex scenes are permitted in a cinematic context with cinematic intentions.
  • Content for which an advisory would not adequately prepare a viewer for blatant inaccuracies (ie: fake news).

Writing, sound, score/music, cinematography, acting, story, impact on society, uniqueness, resolution, aspect ratio, genre, typography and so much more. Anything that a film festival would look at, we look at.

Fearless has a team of Curators who review titles and make collective recommendations, therefore rendering the selection process democratic and accurate to our policies while avoiding as much bias as possible.

All decisions are final and we do not have an appeal process at this time.  If your title is rejected and you feel as though we made a mistake, you may resubmit once 30 days has elapsed and we will have someone different take a second look.

Agreements 101

Only for Fearless Originals. Otherwise, no.

Of course. We encourage you to maximize your reach and your revenue by being on multiple platforms. Having said that, the most successful titles on Fearless are those where the creators actively tell their fans to watch it on Fearless.

*Exception: Fearless Originals*

PRO TIP: Many creators take advantage of the Ambassador Program to earn revenue on the new members they bring to Fearless in addition to their royalties. Yes, you can double-dip like this.

1 year. After that, it reverts to month-to-month and you can leave at any time with 1 month’s notice after the 1-year minimum.

Exception: Fearless Originals which are anywhere from 1-5 year agreements typically, with some lasting longer.

We distribute every title globally unless you tell us otherwise, in which case, we can geo-block certain areas. We strongly encourage all creators to have their content available globally in order to achieve maximum reach.

Filmub-related Questions

No. Filmhub is a third-party company that Fearless partners with.  Filmhub also partners with many other streaming services including Tubi, Telus, AppleTV and more. When you work with Filmhub, you are subjet to additional rules an guidelines set forth by Filmhub in addition to Fearless’ terms and conditions.

Yes, they take 20% leaving you with 80%. Their cut goes towards paying for the platform that puts you in front of dozens of streaming services, data costs, delivery to services, reporting, payment processing and more.

Filmhub will notify you directly if your content is approved. Due to high volume of content, you may not get notified if you content is denied by Fearless or if it is still being reviewed by the Fearless team.

Of course you can! And in fact, we encourage it. You can email additional materials to creators@fearless.li.  Looking forward to seeing what you send.


Channels are a new feature that is being slowly expanded. To be eligible for a Channel, you must have a minimum of 3 titles available on Fearless and a strong Brand Identity. If you feel you meet this criteria, please email support@fearless.li to inquire.



Thinking about joining but have questions to talk to a human about?

Schedule a free virtual meeting with a Fearless representative to talk about your goals, understand our license types and anything else you’d like to know.

Have other questions?
Get self-serve answers!

You can also email us at creators@fearless.li

Fearless Ambassadors

Did you know that you can also get paid for helping Fearless grow?

Join the Fearless Ambassadors Program and earn commissions just for spreading the word about Fearless and helping the platform grow.

Open to both Creators and non-creators.

Happy Addons
Stay Happy
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Spread Happiness

Option A: Free License

Make your work free.
For everyone.

Best for you if:


How to Apply:

If you have a completed feature film, short or series that you want to release on the Free License, you can submit to us directly without the need for a distributor.

After clicking the button, click on “Option A: Free License” in the sidebar.

Application takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. It’s easiest to complete on a computer. You’ll get a response from us within 2-15 days on average.

Option B: Monetization

Make your work available only to Fearless Members.

Best for you if:


How to Apply:

If you have a distributor, simply ask them to submit their avail list to us directly via distributors@fearless.li.

If you don’t have a distributor, then you can submit via one of the following ways:

You can submit directly to an existing Fearless Channel for consideration.

Mattioli Productions is currently accepting submissions (LGBTQ features, LGBTQ series, and LGBTQ short films only). Email info@mattioliproductions.com for more information and mention “Interested in Distribution on Fearless” in your subject line. Mattioli may likely include your film/series on other platforms in addition to Fearless as well to help you maximize reach.

We work with Aggregation Partners (like Filmhub) to drive content to Fearless as well. You can add your work to one of these aggregation partners. If your content is already listed with one of our aggregation partners, you can simply email us at creators@fearless.li to let us know about it.

If you have a Feature Film or Series, you can also submit to us directly.

After clicking the link, click on “Option B: Monetization” in the sidebar.

This is for features and series ONLY. Short films do not apply for direct submission and we strongly suggest the Aggregator route for you. Why? Short films typically make less money than other titles and we want to make sure you get on other platforms in addition to Fearless for best results.

Option C: Exclusivity

Make your work a Fearless Original.

Both free and monetizable projects can be made into a Fearless Original.

Best for you if:


Exclusivity does not apply to film festivals and Creators may continue to pursue this avenue in addition to Fearless while on an exclusivity agreement.


How to Apply:

Send us an email at creators@fearless.li with details about you, your project and why you’d like to be a Fearless Original. Also let us know if you are choosing the Monetization or Free option.

If choosing Monetization for Originals, also include what fee you would require for a 1, 2, or 3-year exclusive agreement.

Fearless for Creators

We set the stage.
You set the story.

Fearless is a place where inclusive filmmakers come to share their films, series and shorts with a global audience of fans while earning income and/or attention.