Fearless for creators

Fearless is a platform where you can showcase your film or series and earn revenue when members watch your work.

Earn Revenue

We pay $0.06-$0.08 per hour streamed. Earn money when members watch your work. It's not complicated. We keep it simple.

Artistic integrity

We don't "greenlight" titles or pay to produce titles. Our hands-off approach means we never tell you what art to make and the story is uniquely yours.

Inclusion Is Key

LGBTQ+, female, POC, indigenous, disability, and other minority content fits right at home on Fearless. Every story is welcome and matters.



Show us 1 or more of your titles – they can be short films, features, series, docs, it doesn’t matter.  Once we approve at least one of your titles, you officially become a Fearless Creator.


Once you are a Fearless Creator, you can submit new titles at any time for consideration.  We can also pre-approve titles that are in post-production in order for you to sort out your distribution schedule.


Connect with other filmmakers, get access to filmmaker resources, discounts on filmmaker softwares, and more.  As part of the Fearless Creator community, you can also suggest new titles to serve as Fearless Originals and you can produce marketing campaigns for Fearless (all of our ads are made exclusively by Fearless Creators and we never hire outside marketing agencies).


Share Resources

Provide filmmaking resources to share with the community. You don't get paid for this, but it will give you the warm and fuzzies knowing that you are helping out other creators and if we think it's useful, will share it with the entire Fearless Creators community.

Make Fearless Ads

If you have creative ideas on a new ad for Fearless, Fearless Creators can pitch us new ideas at any time. Tell us your concept, budget, and anticipated delivery date. If we like your idea, we will pay you to produce the content and we will use it to advertise Fearless.

Film for Inside Look

Inside Look is the place where we profile Fearless Creators. Soon, we are going to be including video as a key part of Inside Look. The videos will showcase how and why Creators made the films and series they made. If you'd like to produce, shoot, ad edit an episode of Inside Look, you can pitch us. Best part is that we will pay you for views of the final product both in-app and across the web.


Series, feature films, documentaries, and short films. There is no minimum or maximum length for content and we accept all genres.

LGBTQ+, female, POC, indigenous, disability, and other minority content is given the highest priority.  This doesn’t mean that its a requirement, but its a focus area for us to help increase inclusion in film.  If your title doesn’t have any of these elements, you are absolutely still welcomed to submit.

Writing, sound, score/music, cinematography, acting, story, impact on society, uniqueness, resolution, aspect ratio, genre, typography. Anything that a film festival would look at, we look at.

Yes, as long as you have English subtitles available for those who choose to deploy them.

We almost always reject titles that contain homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, violence towards women, misrepresentation of people with disabilities, films that are racially insensitive or racist, titles that promote violence or harm to self or others, titles that condone illegal activities, and so on.  The exception would be titles that contain these elements in a fashion where the story makes it clear that these things are not condoned.  We evaluate titles on a case-by-case basis.

We also don’t accept “children’s” content, but “family” and “teen” content is okay.

Members must live in the US or Canada, but Creators can be anywhere in the world.

Creators are paid royalties when their content is watched. If lots of people watch your work, you earn lots of revenue.  If nobody watches your work, you earn nothing.  The Creators that earn the most on Fearless actively promote their own work and encourage their followers to watch their content on Fearless.

Not really. We advertise and market certain titles in our discretion but we do not advertise and market all titles.  We try to at least give every title some mentions on social media, but after all, it is the Creator’s responsibility to promote their own work.  Some Creators have approached us for co-marketing campaigns (Fearless pays 50% and the Creator pays 50%) which we will do on a case-by-case basis if the concept is strong.

Yes. You can submit as many titles as you wish. Even if your title is rejected, we encourage you to keep creating new work and keep submitting.  We review every submission no matter how many times you’ve submitted.

Yes, you must earn a minimum of $100 in order to receive a payout.

Yes. We can provide you with analytics on your title’s performance upon request.  We respectfully ask that you don’t request a report more than once per month out of fairness for other creators.

Yes, but only if your title is accepted and only in approved capacities.  Once approved, we will send you assets you can use and inform you on how and where you are allowed to use them.

Once you become a Fearless Creator, we will provide you with these details which includes a page specifically for each approved title.  You have to wait as it takes time for our editors to generate these materials.

Generally 2-14 days. On occasion it takes us up to 30 days, but on average it takes about 1 week for you to hear back.

Yes, but content that is available on YouTube typically earns much less and has lower viewership numbers as people watch on YouTube instead.  If you are simply looking for exposure, then it can be helpful to have it both places.

Yes, but free titles do not earn any royalties.  If you understand this and are okay with it, then just let us know in the notes on your application that you’d like your title to be free for everyone.

After one year, you can choose to remove your title at any time.  We require a minimum of 15 days notice in order to take down the title effectively.  If you remove your last title and close down your Creator account, we will send you any royalties owed to you even if its below the minimum threshold.

Only Fearless Creators can pitch us ideas for ads.  We do not accept unsolicited pitches from the public and any unsolicited emails are destroyed without being read. 

Having said this, once you are a Fearless Creator, you can pitch us ideas for new video, photography, or audio-based adverts. If we like your concept, we will pay you to produce, edit, and deliver the ad to us which we will run a campaign off of.

No. We don’t ever produce content or pay for shows/movies to be made. We only accept completed works for streaming on Fearless.

Perhaps. Contact us to discuss.