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Distribute your LGBTQ+ movies, TV shows and short films on Fearless – the streaming home of queer entertainment.

Creators of all sizes.

Fearless works with creators of all sizes. From filmmakers just making their first film to established film studios. If your work is LGBTQ and if its good, then we will work with you.

All creators have access to the same friendly team and fair submission process. You don't need to "know someone" to work with us.

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Hella queer.

Fearless is LGBTQ+ owned and we champion LGBTQ+ voices as our main priority. Content on Fearless is always either LGBTQ or LGBTQ-friendly. We also love championing diversity & inclusion in general, so if your content isn't explicitly LGBTQ but you think it fits our vibe, then submit away!

Global reach

Fearless is available in the majority of countries worldwide. We believe that you can achieve the greatest success when people can watch your work anywhere in the world. We can geoblock certain regions if you need us to, but we champion worldwide distribution whenever possible.

Fair revenue for all.

You have two options when working with us. You can choose the Standard Agreement or the Fearless Original Agreement.
We keep it as simple and transparent as possible.

Standard Agreement

  • You earn $0.12 USD per hour your content is watched.
  • You have the freedom to distribute your content wherever you want in addition to Fearless.
  • Minimum 1 year commitment period, after which you can say adios to us at any time if Fearless isn’t right for you.


Fearless Original

  • You commit to your work being on Fearless EXCLUSIVELY worldwide.
  • You tell us a price (per year) that makes sense for you. We will either approve, deny, or come back with a counteroffer.
  • Choose a 1-5 year commitment period.

When do I get paid?

You are paid quarterly as long as your earnings are at least $100. Otherwise, your earnings are held until the next quarter.
If you decide to leave Fearless, you are paid out any remaining amount owed no matter how small it is before you leave.

What if I have a distributor?

Awesome! Tell your distributor to reach out to us and include your film or series in the avails list they send us.

Our content policies at a glance.

The following are types of content we accept and reject. Use it to guide your submissions.

Content we love:

  • LGBTQ+ movies, TV shows and short films.
  • Content with English subtitles available in VTT format (a requirement for non-English titles and a bonus for English titles).
  • Entertaining, innovative, unique, surprising, funny, thrilling and engaging content.
  • LGBTQ+ content in genres that we have less of including well-made horror, thriller, stand-up comedy specials and animation.
  • Content that champions LGBTQ+ people who are under-represented including: LGBTQ+ people of colour, Two-Spirited people, Trans & Non-Binary perspectives, Queer of Faith perspectives (Queer Christians, Muslims, etc), LGBTQ+ seniors, and so on.
  • Content with a strong story, acting, cinematography, sound design, score and other elements that make up excellent filmmaking.
  • Content made with any budget is acceptable. It’s more about the end product than how much you spent to make it.

Content We Reject:

  • Content that has low quality sound, picture quality or other technical issues.
  • Content that features copyrighted elements such as trademarked brands, music or other elements that you do not have permission to use.
  • Screenplays or scripts. We only accepted completed (and filmed) works.
  • Content geared towards children (Fearless does not have a Kids section and we have no intention on creating one). “Teen” content is sometimes accepted if we feel it may also be of interest to adults.
  • Content that is transphobic, racist, homophobic or otherwise harmful to our members who overwhelmingly identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Other video types: Music videos, “YouTube” or social media style videos, educational content (note: documentaries that are educational in nature may be accepted), short films under 5 mins in length, content with ads built into it, podcasts, etc.
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