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Everything Creators need to know to make the most of Fearless. Dive in for tips, resources, and help articles to help you succeed!

6 Quick Ways to Boost Yourself

Claim a shortlink.

Get a quick link for your Channel page or your movie/show. For example, if you are Jane Doe, you might want to secure fearless.li/jane or fearless.li/janedoe. The link will forward to your Channel page or to a specific movie/show on Fearless.

Hint: short links also make it easy to share your Fearless URL on social media & on physical items like posters.

Get featured in a Fearless campaign.

A great way to grow your audience is by participating in one of Fearless' campaigns. Shoot video of yourself and/or your team to participate now!

To learn more, email us or speak to us via Live Chat via the icon in the lower right corner of this page.

Grab branded assets.

Fearless has prepared a bunch of assets that you can use to promote your work via social media, your website, email newsletters, flyers and more. Grab the pre-made materials OR download the logos and make it your own.

Leverage the power of subtitles.

Subtitles are not only a wonderful way to be more accessible to those with disabilities, but it also expands your reach to new viewers when you add both same-language captions as well as translated subtitles. And it's easier than you think too (and free)!

Promote the shit out if it.

Pardon our language, but we are excited over here. Fact: the Creators that get the most viewership and/or revenue on Fearless are those who promote the shit out of their work and actively tell people to "watch it on Fearless." Luckily, we made an article with some ideas for ya. Enjoy!

Refer Fearless & earn cash.

In addition to being a Fearless Creator, you can also become a Fearless Ambassador and earn revenue when you refer people who sign up for Fearless. It's easy & free to sign up and you can get started immediately once you do.

You can join even if you're not a Creator too!

Commonly Accessed Resources

1. They leverage the power of reviews.

Reviews can be incredibly powerful for any film or series. Why? Because people trust recommendations. 

Think about yourself: if a friend recommends their fave new song to you, you’re more likely to check it out than if you just saw it in an ad. The same applies to film.

Encouraging your fans and supporters to leave reviews for your film on IMDB and other film sites can make a huge difference and show people that your work is worth a watch.

Hint: Fearless now has a comments feature, so you can also encourage your fans to leave reviews directly on Fearless

2. They eagerly seek out free press.

Successful creators are getting on podcasts, being interviewed for magazines, being featured in listicles and more. How? Often cause they ask to be.

Successful creators send out emails to publications, connect with podcasters on social media, and network with those who have a platform to promote them on. Never be afraid to try – the worst anyone can do is ignore you or say no.

3. They invest in their marketing materials.

Your marketing materials can make or break your success. Successful creators know this and invest in perfecting their trailers, crafting a wide range of promotional imagery & videos, and planning ahead in the event that publications require materials on short notice.

The more high-quality marketing materials you have, the better positioned you are to achieve stellar results. 

Successful creators understand that marketing materials are not just a tiny piece of the puzzle, but rather, a crucial and pivotal part of their strategy.

Here to support you along the way!

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