Freddie Highmore and Heads in the Sand: New on this Week on Fearless

TGIF my lovely internet friends. Another week has gone by and if you’re anything like me, those New Years Resolutions are long since forgotten. But, on the bright side, there are 5 new releases today on Fearless for you to enjoy!

  • Master Harold and the Boys

    Freddie Highmore stars in this film from 2010 and what a joy it is to see him young again! Highmore plays Hally, a young white South African boy, struggles to separate himself from his racist upbringing. Living in a time of institutionalized bigotry and injustice with an ignorant alcoholic for a father, Haley finds someone else to look up to – an African man named Sam (played by Ving Rhames). The film is written by Nicky Rebelo, based on the play by Athol Fugard.

  • Krotoa

    Set in the majestic South African coastal lands, adolescent Krotoa is sent from her tribe to live with Dutch colonialists. Trapped amidst often-violent conflicts between two cultures, she becomes the translator and a skilled mediator, but Krotoa is eventually charged with being a traitor by both sides. Though hope for this tragic heroine fades, her troubled life journey leads to the birth of a nation, ultimately unifying what was once torn apart by ethos. Directed by Roberta Durrant.

  • Maalle

    Let’s bring it back now with a classic from 1986. Maalle, who is wanted for elephant poaching, is told by his doctor that he doesn’t have long to live. He decides to undo some of his wrongs before he dies. The film is directed by Alasambom Nyingchuo and Ashu Egbe and stars Vugah Samson, Cosson Chinepoh and Ngongan Elizabeth.

  • Portrait of an Animal Behavior

    A passionate marine biologist on a trip to observe elusive wild dolphins happens upon an attractive young woman on the side of the road. Her company soon reveals that human actions are the most fascinating animal behavior of all. The film co-stars director Florencia Cocucci and writer Gonzalo Lugo.

  • A Million Happy Nows

    A veteran soap opera star retires to a beach house with her publicist and partner, but her Early Onset Alzheimers will strain the couple’s relationship until they find the strength to redefine themselves and what they mean to one another. This powerful LGBTQ film also won a Best Feature award at Outfest.

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