News: Fearless Goes Global

For Immediate Release

Previously available in 7 countries via iOS and Android, Fearless is now available worldwide on desktop. The streaming service can be accessed via any browser globally. In addition, an app for Fire TV is arriving in the coming months with apps for Apple TV and Roku to follow. The expansion is an exciting one for the 4-year-old company comprised of filmmakers and other creators in Toronto, LA and Auckland.

The streaming service’s claim to fame is their Perspectives feature which makes it easy to find inclusive content including perspectives that are often nonexistent in traditional media including non-binary, polyamory, queer of faith, bisexuality, and more. Co-Founder Matkai Burmaster is passionate about making media more diverse. “Inclusivity is so incredibly important,” he explains. “Hollywood systematically excludes queer, BIPoC, disabled and other minority voices, so we believe it our duty to ensure that these stories are showcased and given a space to truly thrive.  It is for this reason that over 95% of the content you see on Fearless isn’t available on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or other major services – they just aren’t showing these diverse and inclusive movies & shows.”

The service costs $7.99 USD per month with a 14-day free trial. New members can sign up and start watching at https://watch.fearless.li

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