News: Fearless is Expanding French and Spanish Subtitle Support

In 2021, we made massive strides by adding Captions (English subtitles) to the vast majority of the entire Fearless library. Now, in 2022, we are committing to broadening our support for even more languages to help more people enjoy Fearless and reduce language-based barriers in Entertainment.

Why Subtitles Are So Important to Fearless

  • Disability & Accessibility Support: One of the most important reasons driving our desire to increase our subtitle support is for accessibility. Many disabled people rely on subtitles to be able to enjoy movies and shows and without subtitles, many disabled users would not be able to use Fearless at all, or be limited in their understanding, comprehension or enjoyment of the material.
  • Increasing the Library Size: Subtitles are not only a way to get new viewers of existing English-language content, but it also allows us to diversify our catalog further by adding non-English movies and shows that contain English subtitles introducing Fearless members to a much wider and more diverse set of international entertainment.
  • Broadening our Creator Support: Over time, we would like to make sure that the languages of Fearless Creators are also reflected in our library and language support. Language is a huge part of film and we believe that supporting multiple languages is a key element in being worldly and diverse.

Our Plans for the Coming Months

  • Stage 1 – French and Spanish: These two languages are the most requested of any language, likely in part due to the fact that the largest subset of Fearless members are in Canada and the United States. In addition,
  • Stage 2 – Feedback & Expansion: In Stage 2, we will receive feedback from our members and the public in terms of what languages are important to them and plan for the additional language support. We will also start bringing on more French and Spansh language content paired with English subtitles to ensure that French and Spanish speakers have an opportunity to wacth content in their native language as well.
  • Stage 3 – Additional Subtitle Languages: In Stage 3, we will introduce even more subtitle languages to continue to broaden our reach and our accessibility even further.

Onwards and Upwards

These planned changes will take us months to complete and will be rolled out gradually on a title-by-title basis. We will move slowly to ensure accuracy and we will consult with native French and Spanish speakers throughout the process to ensure we are proceeding in the right way.

We are so excited to offer more support for subtitles and we trust it will benefit many Fearless members in impactful ways.

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