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Discover a new kind of streaming service where LGBTQ+ stories take centre stage.

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LGBTQ+ focussed.

Gay, lesbian, bi, trans and other queer perspectives built-in.

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Discover powerful entertainment that you simply can't watch anywhere else including So That Happened, Extreme Actor and Brotherly Lies.


NEW! Fearless is now available on Roku!

Still have questions?

You bet. Cancel and rejoin whenever you like. If you are in the middle of a billing period, it will end at the completion of your current cycle.

Fearless is available from any computer via the web at watch.fearless.li or via your fave devices including iPad/iPhone, Android phones & tablets, Roku and Amazon FireTV.

Apps for AppleTV and GoogleTV are under development and we hope to have them ready for you soon. 😉

If you live in the US or Canada, then you might be able to. If you live elsewhere in the world, then no, not at this time.

We are available on set-top boxes in the US & Canada through major cable providers in the who support the “Xfinity” platform. Ask your CableTV provider if they support Xfinity and how you can get the Fearless app on your Xfinity device.

Please note: customers who sign up through Xfinity can only use Fearless on Xfinity as you will be unable to login on our apps and web version. This is due to technical limitations of the Xfinity platform.

No. Fearless is completely ad-free.

Note: Some creators may have received money from brands via brand integrations in which case, such sponsorship will be disclosed in the program’s description.

Not necessarily. We showcase content that we believe will be of interest to our members which means that some content may not feature LGBTQ characters or scenes explicitly, but rest assured that all content is free from toxic anti-LGBTQ content. 🙂

Nope. Fearless is geared towards adults and is not really a family-friendly platform. There are plenty of others for kids – this one is for us adults.

We work directly with filmmakers (as well as the distributors and aggregators who represent them), to bring movies & shows made by independent creators to the world. We pay creators for the content (aka licensing) and then you get to watch it while ensuring that the filmmakers are paid fairly for their work.

Are you a filmmaker or distributor? Reach out to us today at support@fearless.li with any questions you have about working with us!

We do! It’s called the Fearless Ambassador program. Sign up today!

Learn more about getting your work on Fearless at the Fearless for Creators page.

We are a prepaid service and therefore, we do not provide refunds for partial periods. You may choose to cancel at any time. When you cancel with us, your subscription remains active with us until the end of your current billing period during which time, you can continue to watch as many movies/shows as you wish.

Note: Some platforms require you to cancel at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period in order to not be charged again.


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Join our Ambassador program and earn commissions for helping Fearless reach new people.


Can't afford Fearless?

We believe that everyone should have access to LGBTQ+ movies & shows. Chat with us and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Why Fearless?

as a force for good.

Hella queer. Hella diverse. Hella inclusive.

Fearless is home to diverse voices including LGBTQ, Black, Disabled, Female, Indigenous and other under-represented communities. It's how TV & Movies should be.

It matters who makes your entertainment.

Every movie and show on Fearless is made by an independent filmmaker or studio. No rich white guys in a board room over here - just fresh perspectives by Fearless Creators! The result is fresh, innovative and diverse stories that aren't watered down by corporate Hollywood juggernauts.

Excluding the hate is important too.

Streaming services frequently contain problematic content that causes harm to the LGBTQ community, racial minorities and people with disabilites. Fearless actively rejects toxic content and adds Advisories to titles that may potentially trigger select viewers so Members can make informed choices.

Want to learn more about what makes Fearless different?

Stuff our lawyers make us say...

  1. Subscriptions auto-renew until cancelled. When you cancel, your access to the service will conclude at the end of your current billing cycle. Fearless does not provide refunds for partial periods. Learn about how to cancel here
  2. While most content is available globally, some content may not be available in your region due to licensing restrictions or other reasons. Some titles may also appear on the web and TV apps that do not appear in the mobile/tablet apps.
  3. Content available in the library is subject to change at any time including its geographical availability. It’s possible that content pictured on this page may not be available to stream in your region at this time.
  4. Fearless is also available through your cable TV provider (US & Canada only) but those who subscribe via a Cable TV provider do not have access to the web version or the apps.
  5. Pricing displayed on this page pertains to the price if you subscribe on the web. You can also subscribe through the apps for iOS, Android and FireTV for which there may be some variance in pricing due to high fees incurred by the platforms and charges in currencies other than USD based on your region.
  6. All content featured on Fearless is legally licensed through agreements with content owners or their representatives. If you have reason to believe that any content is infringing on your intellectual property or trademarks, please email support@fearless.li to report it.



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