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About Fearless

Can movies change the world?
We think so.

It's why Fearless Member, Karina O. called Fearless "the best streaming app on the market."

Inclusive by design.

Fearless is home to diverse voices including LGBTQ, Black, Disabled, Female, Indigenous and other under-represented communities. Everyone should be able to see themself on screen. Period.

Made by creators.

Every movie and show on Fearless is made by an independent creator and showcased on their own Fearless Channel. This puts the power into the ones making the content and ensures that everyone can have their work seen including under-represented filmmakers.

Reducing harm.

Streaming services frequently contain problematic content that causes harm to the LGBTQ community, racial minorities and people with disbilites. Fearless actively denies toxic content and adds Advisories to titles that may potentially trigger select viewers so Members can make informed choices.

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This is the part where we brag about how people love us. Sorry not sorry.

Karina Oleysa
via App Store
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Best streaming app on the market!
Alex Stranghoener
Alex Stranghoener@thatstrangebunch
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The Fearless app allowed Matt and I to watch Young & Reckless in the comfort of our bed while getting in some good laughs. Thanks Fearless for providing an app to support indie film and also EVERY community!
Shannon Robertson
Shannon Robertson
via Google Play
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Nobody is more of a film festival junkie than me so this is hundred percent my jam. I live for the experimental and arthouse titles on it
via App Store
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Nice selection of LGBTQ+ films. Something for everyone.
via Trustpilot
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Fantastic movies and choices! How great is it to support entrepreneurs and find yourself with great streaming, amazing content and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!
via App Store
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Great app, great movies. The makers of this did a fantastic job. The app is filled with a wide range of content and I love that LGBT content is everywhere in it, not just an afterthought. Well done.
Fabled Motion Pictures
Fabled Motion Picturesvia Twitter
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Thanks [...] for giving a voice to BIPOC, LGBTQ, female, disability and under-represented stories. Your work in this world is much-needed, and we're happy to be part of it.
Thom B.
Thom B.
via Trustpilot
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Fearless is a modern streaming service with inclusivity at the forefront. Fearless is honestly like nothing else out there. It has all the benefits of a major platform like Netflix or Disney+ BUT features exclusively independent film. It's refreshing to see how they have integrated inclusivity and diversity into the platform by default - I kinda feel like all streaming services should be this way. I really have zero complaints.
via Google Play
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Wishing this app was around when I was younger! There's a wealth of different perspectives as women's issues, LGBTQ +, disabilities, black voices & much more. Shorts, movies, animation, drama, comedy, horror... take a look! Lots to explore!!
via App Store
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What an amazing experience. I would recommend this app to anyone. It’s refreshing to see an app that contains inclusive content and to know that independent art is being supported. I am really happy with the app and the content. Independent films just has this amazing storytelling ability that often times goes amiss in mainstream media. I am glad to be able to see myself represented.
Jill Edwards
Jill Edwardsvia Twitter
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Go get the Fearless app. Free two week trial! I just finished watching Forget Me Not! It was a great thriller! Well done!!
via Trustpilot
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Fantastic movies and choices! How great is it to support entrepreneurs and find yourself with great streaming, amazing content and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!
via App Store
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There are a lot of people and stories that the main stream media still isn’t recognizing. I’m happy that there are a group of creators finally having their voices heard. This is an essential and fun streaming service! Consider me a fan ;).
Brian Hilarious
via App Store
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A great place to discover new independent content. The app is constantly getting updated, and I am always surprised by the level of quality, both in the content they feature, but also on the look and feel of the application. It feels like a premium streaming service, no different than Hulu, Netflix, etc. I love the inclusion of all backgrounds of life in their content. 💚💚💚💚💚💚 Fantastic work!
via App Store
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Definitely worth it! The app runs smoothly, and the content is easy to filter through. The stories being told are extremely inclusive, and don’t rely on any tropes. That being said, there’s a lot of different content which is nice (my preferred programming changes with my mood 😅). So it’s nice to bop around. All in all a solid service!

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  • Android: Watch on your Android-based phone or tablet including Google Pixel, Samsung, LG, OnePlus and more by downloading the app for Google Play 
  • AirPlay & Chromecast: You can cast to your TV using Chromecast or AirPlay directly from the web or the mobile apps.  Compatible with the majority of Smart TVs including many models from TCL, LG, Sony and more.
  • Desktop (Mac or Windows): If you’d rather a dedicated app on your computer for Fearless instead of using the web version, you can download Fearless on your computer through the BlueStacks app as long as you have a Google Account. We’ve made you a help document here that explains how to do it as its a wee bit more complicated to do. 

We are working on adding more devices to our roster and we will update this FAQ when we do. Want a specific app really bad? Let us know!

Fearless is home to a rapidly growing catalogue of movies, shows and short films.  With a Fearless Membership, you can watch everything on Fearless at no additional cost.

  • A growing collection of Channels. Fearless Members can access everything on every Channel at no additional cost.
  • Inclusivity at the forefront (LGBTQ, female, BIPOC, disability, mental health, and more).
  • Award-winning films featured at films festivals around the world.
  • Independent film. Everything from big budget indie flicks to true hidden gems shot on an iPhone, and everything in between.
  • Content directed by under-represented directors (female, Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ, etc).
  • Bold new digital series from some of the most creative minds in entertainment.
  • Fearless Originals and content exclusive to Fearless. 
  • New content added every Friday.

Some titles might not be in your area due to licensing restrictions.  The other common reason why you can’t find a title is that you might have spelled it incorrectly (this happens a lot).

Members in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will see the largest library size due to licensing restrictions and our current slate of content which is mostly English-language.

You bet. You can start a free 2-week trial to experience the entire library (recommended)

Or, you can watch a small selection of Fearless content 100% free (you don’t even need an account or a credit card) at

All of them. At no additional cost. This is a fundamental part of our service which we do not anticipate will ever change.

Yay. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made! Please read this page for more information.

If you have additional questions, email us at and we will help you out.

Fearless was created as an experience for adults. Although there are certainly many titles appropriate for the whole family, we suggest that parents operate Fearless, not the kids.

Some titles may contain uncensored nudity, sexual scenes, violence, and other sensitive topics like suicide and self-harm. Whenever possible, we attempt to place age ratings and/or advisories on content to help you make informed decisions, but each family’s comfort levels may vary, so parental oversight is the best practice.

Viewer discretion and parental guidance is advised across the entire platform.

We’ve got answers for you in the Fearless Support Center or you can click the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner and a member of our Support Team will help you out. 🙂

About Fearless

Introducing us. We're pretty rad.

Fearless is the streaming service for every voice. From thought-provoking documentaries to hilarious comedies, discover films & series that showcase all perspectives (LGBTQ, women, Black, Indigenous, Disabled and other under-represented voices).

Plus, 100% of the content you see on Fearless is made by independent Creators, not Hollywood elites.

Join now. Your first 2 weeks are on us!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to ensure that every voice gets screentime. Period.

Inclusive stories

Fearless believes that everyone should be able to see themselves on screen. Period. We believe that inclusive movies and shows should be mandatory and widespread but since they aren’t, we are filling the void and ensuring that every single person in the world is represented. It will take us some time, but our goal is to ensure that EVERY VOICE is given the space to be heard.

Equal Opportunities

It’s important that every filmmaker, regardless of their background, economic status, race, gender or sexual identity is given equal opportunity. Hollywood favours giant corporations, the rich and the famous leaving thousands of filmmakers, actors, and creators left feeling invisible. Sadly, filmmakers of colour, female filmmakers and LGBTQ filmmakers are among the most impacted by Hollywood’s bias. We believe there’s a better way – by showcasing them.

Always Listening

What is important today might not be important in the future. We are always listening so we can adapt to the voices and the stories that are being silenced today and tomorrow. Listening is key to driving real change – not just in film, but in all areas of life.