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Stories that matter.

Watch films and series that don't fit inside the box.
Told by creators who have something to say.

Fearless is both the name.
And the promise.

Made by Creators.

Traditional streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are filled with content that is made by major studios, often with budgets of millions of dollars. On Fearless, independent creators are in the driver’s seat – bringing you the stories they want to tell in the ways they want to tell them. Fearless is the raw and unfiltered way to discover the best stories in the world.​

Inclusive. And proud of it.

Fearless showcases content that increases representation and inclusion in film. We believe that including every voice is the right thing to do. LGBTQ, female, POC, indigenous, disability, and other minority content fits right at home on Fearless and is integrated into everything that Fearless stands for.

All apps. Like, only apps.

Fearless is a modern streaming service built entirely via apps. In fact, there is no web version of this streaming service at all. Fearless works on your iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices. You can also use AirDrop and Chromecast to watch on your TV.​ Plus with new apps for Apple TV and Roku coming soon, you’ll have the freedom to choose your favourite devices no matter where you are.

Every feature you'd expect.

From phone to TV.
Just add friends.

With Chromecast and AirPlay built in to the mobile apps, you can send any film or series to your TV.

No add-ons.
No confusion.

We don't ask you to upgrade or pay more for certain titles. A Fearless Member can watch all of the content with no restrictions.

No ads.
Like ever.

There are no ads today or ever. Just enjoy all the content without ever being interrupted.

Save a fave.

Discover something to watch later by saving it as a favourite. You can come back to enjoy it at any time.

Download & go.

Download titles to your device so that you can enjoy them when you're somewhere without WiFi.

No contracts.

Join, pause, cancel and rejoin Fearless whenever you like with no commitment.

Monthly or Yearly. You pick.


/mo USD
  • 2-Week Free Trial
  • Stream every film & series
  • App for Apple or Android
  • Stream to TV with AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Cancel anytime


  • 2-Week Free Trial
  • Stream every film & series
  • App for Apple or Android
  • Stream to TV with AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Cancel anytime
Best Value

Pricing in USD. In Canada, it's $6.49 per month.

Q&A's. FAQs.
It's all the same thing really.

Totally.  Just download the app and start your free trial right inside the app.  It lasts for 2 weeks cause 1 week is not long enough, and a month is just too long to date someone without paying for a meal, Karen. 😉

Do we ever! LGBTQ movies are an important part of our DNA.  We’ve sprinkled LGBTQ films, series, and docs all throughout the app. We’ve got loads of short films with LGBTQ stories too.

Nope, we are full on modern AF.  Just download the app for iOS or Android and you can use Chromecast or AirPlay to stream to your TV.  Don’t be 500 years old.

Maybe. You have to submit it first.  Luckily, we made the For Creators page dedicated to how creators can work with us on Fearless.  And if you have questions, you can always email us too or click the green chat icon in the lower right corner to chat with us.

Sadly, no. Our app is only for US & Canada peeps.  But, lucky for you, select Fearless titles are available on Vimeo OnDemand.

Only with parental guidance.  There are many titles on Fearless suitable for the whole family, but there are also films and series that are disturbing, contain nudity, strong language, and depictions of violence.  Kids should not be permitted to use the app on their own and we suggest that parents monitor what their kids are watching as with any other streaming service.

Nope. We don’t have ads. At all.  Fearless is only $5 a month and you’re supporting independent creators, so warm and fuzzies will ensue.

Cancelations are self-serve for almost every member.  You cancel your membership via the settings on your Apple or Android device.

If you have trouble, you can also click the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of this page and give us a shout.

As a provider of indie content, if we offered a family plan, we wouldn’t be able to pay the filmmakers appropriately.  Having said this, you can totally invite your friends or family to watch with you.  Movies are better watched with others anyways.

Some of it. The money you pay each month goes to paying creators, video hosting, paying developers, lawyers and staff, marketing costs, advertising, sponsorships, and more.  Some creators opt to not get paid in order to gain exposure, while the others get paid every time their content is watched.  So, if you really love a series or film, the more you watch it and tell your friends to watch it, the more that creator will benefit from it either in cash or in exposure.

No, we don’t have any social media.  Kidding!  We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and GIPHY.  You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the latest trailers. Stalk us sometime.

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