About Fearless

Stories have the power to change the world.
It's time that every voice is lifted up.

Fearless is both the name.
And the promise.

At Fearless, we want everyone to have access to inclusive movies and shows. We belive that every voice is valid and must be heard. We also believe that under-represented perspectives must be given additional support and boosted attention in order to combat the destructive history of the film industry for LGBTQ, female, Black, Indigenous and Disabled communities. Under-represented perspectives are systematically excluded or negatively portrayed in mainstream media and Fearless exists to help shift the narrative into a culture is more inclusive, more understanding and more empathic for perspectives different from our own.

Made by Creators.

Traditional streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are filled with content that is made by major studios, often with budgets of millions of dollars. On Fearless, independent creators are in the driver’s seat – bringing you the stories they want to tell in the ways they want to tell them. Fearless is the raw and unfiltered way to discover the best stories in the world.​

Inclusive. And proud of it.

Fearless showcases content that increases representation and inclusion in film. We believe that including every voice is the right thing to do. LGBTQ, female, Black, Indigenous, Disability, and other minority content fits right at home on Fearless and is integrated into everything that Fearless stands for.


Deanna Widmeyer

CEO & Co-Founder

Deanna Widmeyer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fearless. She studied Film & Television at Seneca College in Toronto and comes from a producing and directing background prior to taking the reigns of Fearless. Deanna is a vocal advocate for reducing barriers for women in film and increasing the percentage of female directors, producers and crew on set and in Executive teams.

Matkai Burmaster

Matkai Burmaster

Creative Director & CO-FOUNDER

Matkai Burmaster is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Fearless. He studied Film & TV at Seneca College and Theatre at York University. He formerly ran a summer drama camp, a theatre company and an event space. He is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in the film & TV industry and a supporter of body positivity campaigns. Matkai is proudly Bi, Queer, Gay and a massive supporter of equality.

AJ Mattioli

Director of Distribution

AJ Mattioli is a Trans film producer & director and the owner of the Mattioli Channel on Fearless. AJ works with us to bring LGBTQ content to Fearless with a focus on heavily under-represented groups including the disabled LGBTQ community, Trans, Pansexual, Bisexual and Queer Women, among others.

Kelly Filipino

Reporting Analyst

We are excited to welcome Kelly as the newest member of our team and we will update her bio soon.

Social Connection

Isaac Grey

Social Media Manager

Isaac is a Trans social media advocate with experience in communication and social.  Issac works with Fearless to create meaningful experiences on social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Likee, Twitter, Instagram and GIPHY.

Dennis Johnson

Social Media Marketing

Dennis (known as BeardedBearGuy) is a body positivity and LGBTQ activist on social media who has been helping Fearless in our Social Media Marketing department.

Brian Larios

Discovery Host

Brian Larios is an actor, producer, comedian and all-around creator who works with Fearless on Content Discovery via his home in Los Angeles, writing, and marketing solutions to help members discover content to explore.

Briza Covarrubias

Discovery Host

Briza is an American actress living in Los Angeles. She lends her comedic chops and hosting skills with Fearless to help Members discover great content to explore and find their new favourite movies and shows.

Ramya Ramamoorthy

Social Media

Ramya joined our social media team to help craft content for Instagram, Twitter, GIPHY and integrated platforms. She also worked briefly on editorial content including up-close interviews with Fearless Creators.

Video Experiences

Jake Primmerman

Video Marketing

Jake is a video marketing expert located in New York City.

Alyssa Bogren

Video Marketing

Alyssa is a film editor and producer from Vancouver who works with us as an Editor in the Marketing Department.

Kwame Pipim

Discovery Producer

Kwame produces original content for Fearless to help Members discover new content to watch and to get the scoop on Fearless Creators, behind the scenes stories and other discovery tools.  He studied film and is also an experienced photographer.

Alexandre Moura

Video Marketing

Ale is a graduate of the Fanshaw Film program and works as an Editor in the Marketing Department.

Audio Experiences

Jacque Swan

Fearless Original Podcast Host & Editor

Jacque is multimedia producer with a love of magic.

Sarah Miranda

Fearless Original Podcast Host & Editor

Sarah is a creative and clumsy 23 year old who has been heavily involved in audio for years. With future aspirations of being a traditional radio host, she has expanded her love of the medium into podcasts, illustration, and so much more.

Additional Teams

Fearless also has a team members including our Web & App Development Team in New Zealand, Finance & Legal Team in Canada, Editorial & Yeahflix team, and partnerships with Distributors, Aggregators and Studios, Production Companies and Individual Filmmakers in over 16 countries.

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