News: Fearless is Expanding French and Spanish Subtitle Support

In 2021, we made massive strides by adding Captions (English subtitles) to the vast majority of the entire Fearless library. Now, in 2022, we are committing to broadening our support for even more languages to help more people enjoy Fearless and reduce language-based barriers in Entertainment. Why Subtitles Are So Important to Fearless Disability & […]

Fearless 2021 Year In Review & Looking Ahead to 2022

Whoa! What a wonderful, crazy, wild, exhilarating year it’s been! 2021 has brought us so much amazing stuff from a new Adele album to a murder conviction in the George Floyd case, this year has had its ups, downs and everything in between. But what about 2021 at Fearless? Boy oh boy, did we do […]

News: Fearless Goes Global

For Immediate Release Previously available in 7 countries via iOS and Android, Fearless is now available worldwide on desktop. The streaming service can be accessed via any browser globally. In addition, an app for Fire TV is arriving in the coming months with apps for Apple TV and Roku to follow. The expansion is an […]

That’s a Wrap on 2020: Fearless’ Best Year Yet

2020 was a whirlwind of weird. From killer bees to the crippling pandemic, we have all had to adjust the way we live, work, communicate, and stay entertained. Luckily, Fearless was here in 2020 to drive forward a large number of new advancements. We’ve summed up the year and wrapped it with a bow. Here’s […]

Streaming Service ‘Fearless’ Expands to 5 New Countries

Underdog streaming service Fearless announced Wednesday its expansion into five new countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa. This is in addition to the United States and Canada where the streaming service has been operating since inception. The streaming service includes movies, series, documentaries and short films across almost every […]