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Fearless introduced commenting features (Collectively “Comments” and individually a “Comment”) to the Fearless apps and websites. These features allow end-users often referred to as Fearless Members or simply Members (“Members”) to contribute Comments that can be publicly accessible for other Members and the public to read. The following rules govern what comments are allowed and not allowed on the platform.

Intended Uses of the Feature

Comments exist so that Members can share their thoughts, reviews, feedback and more about the movies & shows they’ve watched on Fearless. The intention is that Members use Comments to inform, educate, entertain and demonstrate to other Members if they should watch a certain title. Comments can also be used as a place to discuss the topics, characters, themes, and situations represented in titles. For instance, Members may wish to have a discussion about Climate Change in the comments section of a Climate Change Documentary, or they may wish to leave a review about that romantic comedy that they just adored. Comments should be a place for both celebratory phrasings as well as healthy and respectful discourse.

Innapropriate Uses

The following are examples of potentially inappropriate usage of these features:

Procceed with caution

  • You may include spoilers in your comments, but it is recommended that you add “*Contains Spoilers*” to the front of your comment so Members can skip your comment if they wish to not have the title spoiled for them.
  • Content that contains misinformation may only be permitted if its in the context of a respectful opinion and not stated as fact.
  • Sharing links to other titles on Fearless is generally permitted as long as its not done for malicious, spammy or harmful purposes.
  • If you are a filmmaker/creator/actor with titles on Fearless, it is generally okay to talk about your own projects, as long as it is done in a conversational and respectful manner and not in a “spammy way”.
  • Comments in languages other than English are permitted. If you also speak Enlish, Fearless encourages you to post your comment in both languages.

NOT Permitted

  • Durogatory language or words that is homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist or otherwise harmful.
  • Comments that attack other Members or groups of people. Healthy conversation is healthy, but hate is not.
  • Fake news and misinformation.
  • Impersonating someone other than yourself by uploading a misleading profile photo and/or changing your display name to something other than your own name or a reasonable username.
  • Using a profile photo of a copyrighted character, brand or trademark that you do not own the rights to.
  • Using a profile photo that is not “family-friendly” – Profile photos cannot contain nudity, weapons, drugs, alcohol, graphic images, or sensitive words.
  • Sharing links to outside websites of any kind.
  • Promoting products or services of any kind including yourself.
  • Adding the same comment to many titles (ie: spamming comments).


When a Member violates this policy, the following repercussions can occur:

  • Fearless can reply to your comments reminding you that you are close to crossing the line.
  • Fearless staff can delete your comment(s). Deletion is permanent.
  • Fearless staff can email you to remind you of these rules and ask you to cease your behaviour in order to avoid account suspension or deletion.
  • For repeat offenders and especially heinous offenders, the Member’s account may be terminated and/or restricted by Fearless. In the event that this action must be taken due to the Member’s behaviour, NO REFUND shall be provided. Deletion is permanent.

Final Say

Decisions about whether or not comments are in violation of this policy is in Fearless’ sole discretion. There is no appeals process.

Permanent Actions

Deleted comments are permanent and cannot be re-instated. Deleted accounts are permanent and cannot be re-instated. There are no exceptions as we completely remove deleted items from our servers as a standard privacy-based practice.

Updated on December 31, 2021

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