Legal Notices

Fearless Logo and Wordmark

The Fearless Wordmark and the Fearless thunderbolt icon (including solitary, circular and rounded square iterations) are copyrighted elements of Pomegranate Platform Inc. Do not use these marks in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by Fearless and/or Pomegranate unless you have been provided express written permission by Pomegranate Platform Inc.

Third Party Notices

The Fearless website and software (including Fearless’ apps) rely on software and other elements available under open source and/or free and/or paid licenses. Pomegranate Platform Inc. has licenses for content from Freepik Company S.L., Vidapp Ltd., Unsplash Inc., MotionVFX Szymon Masiak, and others including proprietary software.

All legal matters regarding the Fearless platform are handled by the Pomegranate Legal Team. Contact them at

Updated on September 27, 2021

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