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Fearless Press Kit

Welcome to the Fearless Press Kit!

In the following, you will find relevant press information about Fearless. You can use the sidebar on the left to jump to specific sections of this kit. If you have any questions or would like to request an interview, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

1. About Fearless

What is Fearless?

Fearless is the streaming service for inclusive movies, shows and short films. Featuring content that makes our world more inclusive including LGBTQ+, female, BIPOC and diversity-first content. Everything on Fearless is made by Creators, giving a voice to new stories and perspectives. The streaming service is accessible via the apps for iOS and Android. AirPlay and Chromecast are built in for easy viewing on TV sets. New content is added to Fearless every Friday.

What Makes Fearless Different

  • Diversity & Inclusion is #1: Fearless offers content that showcases under-represented groups including women, LGBTQ, BIPOC, disability and other unseen voices.  Fearless is committed to bringing even more diverse content to the app in the coming months and years. Our focus on ensuring that there are movies and shows that EVERYONE can see themselves in is something our competitors are just not doing the way we are. 
  • Made by Creators, Not Big Hollwood Studios: Every movie and show on Fearless is made by an independent creator. The result is raw, bold, and unique perspectives from some of the most talented minds in entertainment.
  • Highly Curated. Humans review and categorize content instead of relying on an algorithm. We help cut out the noise and showcase only the best stories.
  • New content every Friday: Fearless releases new content every Friday so that our collection stays fresh. 
  • Simplicity for Creators: Creators who wish to get their content on Fearless can do so without the headaches and hoops to jump through of traditional distribution channels. We are cutting out the complexity that other platforms bring and making it painless and fast to get your work on Fearless. We offer royalty rates that are competitive in the industry and unparalleled Creator support. We also work with distributors and aggregators and offer both free and royalty-bearing agreements to meet the goals of a variety of Creators and their preferred distribution methods & structures.

Address / Location

Fearless is Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a 100% remote company since day 1 (even before COVID was a thing), the Fearless includes team members in Canada, United States and New Zealand. The creators who make content for Fearless are in many countries around the world.

2. Founders

About the Founders

Fearless was founded by Matkai Burmaster and Deanna Widmeyer who first met while studying together at Seneca College’s Acting for Camera and Voice program. The two instantly connected and began to make films and series together. As independent creators, the two realized that the streaming service they were looking for didn’t exist, so they decided to make it themselves. Years later, Fearless is the home of powerful independent film and a relentless force towards representation and inclusion in the film industry which has a storied past of shunning away from true inclusion.

Founder Quotes

“Fearless was created to be the premiere streaming home for independent film. We crafted it with inclusion and diversity as a core value instead of as an afterthought sprinkled on top. Fearless is filled with content from independent creators instead of big Hollywood titles and we champion female, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and under-represented stories.  I believe that film has a massive impact on society and culture; consuming responsible media is the first step towards real change.”

Matkai Burmaster, Co-Founder of Fearless

“As Hollywood aims to find ways to sprinkle diversity and inclusion throughout their collections, that level of inclusion isn’t enough.  It’s not okay for large studios to showcase Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ characters as sidekicks – it’s time those characters are the leads.  Independent creators are already making incredibly inclusive films and series and they have been forever.  These creators’ stories are often based on their own experiences and are raw, emotional and honest.  This is the kind of content that Hollywood just isn’t delivering. Independent creators are telling these stories en masse and Fearless is the platform to discover all of them.”

Matkai Burmaster, Co-Founder of Fearless

“Fearless is a place to find stories with substance. We pride ourselves on sharing our collection of inclusive content with indie lovers and popular movie buffs alike. Our subscribers can feel good knowing they are enjoying a curated experience while also supporting indie content.”

Deanna Widmeyer, Co-Founder of Fearless

Founder Headshots

Matkai Burmaster - Co-Founder of Fearless (Please credit photographer: Dan Berger Photography)
Matkai Burmaster – Co-Founder of Fearless (Please credit photographer: Dan Berger Photography)
Deanna Widmeyer – Co-Founder of Fearless (Please credit photographer: Daniel Evritt-Lock)

3. Previous Press Coverage

Main Website

App Downloads (iOS & Android)

Social Media


8. Videos

Videos are available for embed. See them at youtube.com/fearlessnetwork.

9. Logos, Images, & Screenshots

To request logos, images and screenshots, please contact us.

10. Testimonials

  • “The Fearless app allowed Matt and I to watch Young & Reckless in the comfort of our bed while getting in some good laughs. Thanks Fearless for providing an app to support indie film and also EVERY community!” – Alex Stranghoener
  • “What I love about Fearless is that I get to be one tiny voice in a sea of a bunch of other just beautiful voices. That’s what Fearless really does great; they create a cinematic experience around an inclusive and diverse world. And it’s just so creator-friendly, filmmaker-friendly, and they really create a dialogue between the work and the audience.” – Ryan Balas, the creator of the Robel Films Channel on Fearless
  • “Nobody is more of a film festival junkie than me so this is hundred percent my jam. I live for the experimental and arthouse titles on it” – Shannon Robertson
  • “Go get the Fearless app. Free two week trial! I just finished watching Forget Me Not! It was a great thriller! Well done!!” – Jill Edwards
  • “Some of the films are a bit low-budget but the acting and the story make up for it. Excited to see what they put out next.” – Cheryl Cassano

11. Contact

For press inquiries, please contact:
Matkai Burmaster, Co-Founder & Creative Director at matkai@fearless.li.
Matkai is available for phone, email or video interviews.

12. Press Access Request

Updated on September 25, 2023

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