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Login Issues / Unable to Login

Having trouble logging in to Fearless on the web or in one of the apps? Here are some ideas to help you troubleshoot.

  • Update your app: If you are using an old version of an app, it can often be the cause of many errors like this. Try updating your app to the newest version and see if that helps.
  • Update your device: Similarly to updating your app, it’s a good idea to keep your devices up to date too. Try updating and/or restarting your device.
  • Resetting your password: Did you maybe forget your password for your Fearless account? Try resetting it.
  • Contact Support: When all else fails, try contacting support. Be sure to be able to provide your email address on file and the place where you signed up (web, iOS, Android, FireTV, etc). Our team can help you get back into your account. Contact support by emailing support@fearless.li.
Updated on July 30, 2023

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