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Why doesn’t Fearless offer Phone support?

It’s simple: phone support is expensive and we try to keep Fearless as affordable as possible.

In addition, most support requests involve things like providing links to pages or resources that are challenging to deliver over the phone and much, much easier via email and chat.

Here are the support options we offer:
  • Self-Serve Support Center: 99% of answers can be found here. And as members ask us new questions that aren’t included, we continually update the Support Center with more answers.
    Go to: https://fearless.li/support
  • WhatsApp: Shoot us a message on WhatsApp anytime: ‪+1 276-978-6996‬
  • Live Chat: our team members are available to help you via live chat.
    Go to: https://chatting.page/fearless
  • Social Media DMs: We answer questions via DMs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please note that social media DMs generally result in longer wait times. If your question is urgent, we suggest email or live chat instead.
  • Email: drop us an email anytime at support@fearless.li
Updated on July 30, 2023

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