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Getting Your Film or Series on Fearless

So you have a feature, series or short that you’d like to get streaming on Fearless? Yay! We can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

Note: Fearless is a curated platform and we don’t accept all submissions. Our decisions are made by the Fearless Curation Team and are final.

FYI: Any content that contains homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, or other anti-inclusive content is almost always denied. Exceptions are made for documentaries, content that is historical in nature, content that is satirical, or content that makes it clear that such elements are present, but not condoned.

Read the full details in the Fearless Responsible Content Guidelines article.

How to Submit your Work

There are four main ways to get your work on Fearless.

1. Work with a Channel Owner

If you know the owner of a Fearless Channel, you can get your work on Fearless by contacting them directly if you think your content is a great fit for their channel. You will enter into an agreement directly with the individual or company that runs that channel and they will typically take a cut of any revenue you earn.

Tip: If you have an LGBTQ title, Mattioli Productions is currently looking for new content for their Fearless Channel.

2. Work with your Distributor

If you have a distributor, ask them to send us your work on your behalf. We already work with many large and smaller distributors and if we don’t yet work with yours, we can begin doing so. Distributors typically take a cut of the revenue you earn.

3. Use an Aggregator

If you are self-represented, then you can use an aggregator (ie: Filmhub, and others) to bring your content to Fearless. They will deliver your work to us (assuming we approve it) and then they will take a percentage of the money you make. The aggreator will generally make your content available on a marketplace where other platforms may wish to pick up your work as well.

Tip: If your project is a short film, the aggregator route may be the best solution for you as fewer platforms accept short films.

4. Submit Direct

You can also Submit Direct. You will have the choice of offering your content up for free, or earning a royalty when your work is watched.

More resources for Creators

You can also check out the Fearless for Creators page where we will be adding resources and information in the coming months. Or, if you have questions, we are always an email away at creators@fearless.li.

PLEASE NOTE: Fearless is a curated platform so we do not accept all titles and every title is reviewed based on our Responsible Entertainment Guidelines.

Updated on September 7, 2020

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