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How much does Fearless cost?

Plan Options

You can subscribe to Fearless on a Monthly or Annual basis. Subscriptions reoccur until canceled. You can cancel at any time.

Monthly Membership

Monthly memberships start with a 14-day free trial.

  • USA: $7.99/mo
  • UK: Aproximately £6.99/mo
  • Ireland: Aproximately €6.99/mo
  • Canada: Aproximately $8.99/mo
  • Australia: Aproximately $9.99/mo
  • New Zealand: Aproximately $10.99/mo
  • South Africa: Aproximately R99/mo

Why does the price say “Approximately?”

  • The cost of your membership is based on the USD amount. You will be charged in USD and the amount will be converted into USD if your card or account is in a country other than the USA. We are working hard to bring direct billing in more currencies as soon as we can and we will update this page once we are able to do so.
  • If you sign up via a third-party provider, it is possible to pay a slightly different rate as some providers round up or down to a nearby amount.

Annual Membership:

All countries have an annual membership at approximately the cost of 10 months instead of 12.

Try for Free:

Our basic Monthly accounts come with a free trial so you can see if Fearless is right for you. If you choose to cancel before the free trial is up (some devices require 24 hours notice), then you will not be charged.



Students are eligible to receive a discounted membership fee. Contact us via live chat or by emailing support@fearless.li with proof of enrolment to request one.


We run promotions from time to time which reduce the cost of a Fearless membership. Follow us on social media or join our mailing list to be the first to hear about special discounts and promos.

Low-Income Discount

We believe that great film should be accessible to all. If you are a low-income individual who cannot afford a Fearless membership, you can apply for Financial Assistance directly through Fearless.

Updated on August 15, 2022

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