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How to Keep Your Account Secure

Keeping your account and personal information safe is important. Like all online services, there are steps you can take to better protect yourself. The following are steps we recommend all users take to safeguard themeselves.

Don’t share your password

Many users end up reporting that their accounts got hacked after they shared their password with a friend, acquaintance, lover, or online contact. It is suggested that you keep your password safe and secure by never sharing it with others.

Use a password for Fearless that is unique

Your password should be:

  • Unique to Fearless and not used for other apps or websites.
  • At least 8 characters long.
  • Contain a combination of letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and symbols.
  • Not easily guessable (using generic passwords like Password123 or passwords that contain elements that people know about you like birthdates and addresses is not recommended).

Tip: Using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass can help you make secure passwords for all of your online accounts without overloading your brain.

Change Your Password

Keep your account safe by changing your password. You can do so either by going to your Security Settings while logged into your account on the web OR by doing a password reset to your email address on file.

Report Fradulent & Unauthorized Activity

Fearless takes fraud seriously. If you believe someone has been in your account, contact us immediately to report it to us. And change your password immediately as well.

Be Aware of Fake Websites and Emails (also called Phishing)

Phishing is when someone attempts to get your personal information or login details by pretending to be Fearless. Phishers will go to extreme lengths to mislead and trick you into giving them personal information. Some phishers will make fake copycat websites, email you pretending to be Fearless, cold call you, send you text or social media messages, and more. Remain vigilant to stay safe from these threats.

  • It’s important that you only sign in at “watch.fearless.li” or in one of the official Fearless apps. If the URL doesn’t end in “fearless.li” then it is NOT an authentic Fearless URL!
  • Make sure you don’t click on emails that aren’t from an email address ending in “@fearless.li”.
  • If you’re unsure if an email came from us or not, contact us via Live Chat or email us at support@fearless.li and we can confirm or deny the authenticity of the email.
  • If you are communicating with us on social media, make sure you are communiting with an authentic Fearless profile (we are @watchfearless on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and we are youtube.com/fearlessnetwork on YouTube). Also: don’t ever send passwords or credit card numbers via social media.

The only valid URL to sign in to Fearless is watch.fearless.li. Don’t be fooled by a copycat website at another URL.

All Fearless emails come from email addresses that end in “@fearless.li.” We never send you emails from free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

Fearless staff always identify themself by name.

Fearless will NEVER ask you for your password or credit card details via social media, email, or live chat. We also never CALL you unless you have an appointment with us or you have left us a message asking us to call you back.

Fearless does NOT contact members on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or WeChat.

Keep Your Computer Safe

Make sure you keep your devices safe by actively monitoring for viruses and other vulnerabilities. Educate yourself on how hackers take advantage of users in these ways and protect yourself and your devices. You may want to consider antivirus software and/or getting your device serviced by an expert.

Updated on September 25, 2023

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