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Am I allowed to use a VPN to watch content on Fearless?

Fearless neither endorses nor actively recommends the use of VPN services. This article is for educational purposes to help users make their own informed decisions while understanding the potential repercussions that may occur. This does not constitute legal advice.

Fearless believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. Some individuals may consider the use of VPN to be a key player in a more private web.

In some cases, the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for the purposes of reducing your online digital footprint can be a healthy and useful tool for protecting your privacy, when used in honest and transparent ways.

When Does VPN Usage Violate Fearless Policies?

It is against Fearless policies to use a VPN to trick our Geoblocking software into thinking you are in a region other than your own. VPN usage with honest intent where the user is using a server in the same region as where they are located may not necessarily be a breach provided it is done for the purposes of non-geographical-based intentions.

Members are reminded that the use of a VPN for the purposes of misleading our systems into thinking they are in a region other than their own is a direct violation of Fearless policy and can result in account suspension, restriction or termination, either temporarily or indefinitely, without refund.

But why does Fearless care?

Fearless has licensing agreements with the owners of the content streaming on Fearless. Some of those licensing deals restrict content from appearing in certain regions and/or only allow the content to appear in certain regions. Fearless has an obligation to ensure that these licensing agreements are followed and maintained as agreed. Part of us doing our due diligence in this regard is ensuring that Members do not intentionally use VPN software to mislead our systems into letting them watch content that we are not contractually permitted to show to users in that region. So…that’s why.

Updated on September 25, 2023

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