Banned Topics

This article applies ONLY to the Fearless Affiliate Program.

Banned Topics for the Affiliate Program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Videos or posts that are primarily “made for children.”
  2. Videos that contain discussions about COVID-19, vaccinations, anti-vax content, or conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 and/or masks and/or handwashing and/or social distancing and/or vaccinations.
  3. Videos or posts about politics unless in a journalistic news context. Videos or posts that align with a specific political party or political figure cannot be used. Fearless does not have any political affiliations and wishes to remain as such.
  4. Videos that contain false information and/or misinformation (unless balanced alongside correct information on the subject matter as well).
  5. Videos or posts that contain the term “Fearless” in any context other than that of the brand itself (example: if a candy were called “Fearless Gummies” then you would not mention “Fearless Gummies” in the same video). This is to prevent confusion for the viewer.
  6. Videos or posts that contain sponsorship for any other product or service (Fearless must be the sole “sponsor” of a video).
  7. Videos or posts that contain people who did not consent to being in the video or post.
  8. Videos or posts that contain pornography, extreme violence, suicide and/or self-harm (unless in a non-graphic AND educational context), content about or featuring guns (or other lethal weapons) in any capacity, illegal substances, underage drinking, gambling, casinos, strip clubs, illegal activities and reasonably harmful content.
  9. Videos or posts that contain copyrighted materials for which you do not have express written permission to share.
  10. Videos or posts that are inherently negative towards Fearless, and/or any of the movies/shows on Fearless, and/or the creatives behind any of the movies/shows on Fearless including Fearless team members as well.
Updated on September 29, 2021

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