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Tips & Tricks for Fearless Affiliates

Want to make the most out of being an affiliate with Fearless?  Here are some ideas, tips, and tricks for how you can gain greater success as an Affiliate.

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Part 1: Ideas

YouTubers & TikTokers

  1. Reaction Videos: Watch a movie or show on Fearless and film yourself reacting to it (reminder: for copyright reasons, you cannot show the full movie or show in your video – be sure to use short clips only in the final edit).
  2. “Top 5” Videos: The number 5 can be any number but the idea here is that you are showcasing your fave movies/shows of a certain type. Maybe your pick for the Top 5 Comedies on Fearless or maybe the Top 5 LGBTQ movies on Fearless. Your options are limitless.
  3. Comparison Videos: Compare Fearless to other streaming services. Give your honest opinion on what makes Fearless great and where there could be room for improvement. Balance is key. Remember to encourage your audience to try Fearless and decide for themselves via the link in your description.

Photo-Based Influencers

  1. Movie Night: There’s nothing quite like cozying up and watching a film. Show what your movie-watching routine looks like and who you do it with (friends, a lover, your dog?).  Include what movie or show you watched and what you thought of it. Encourage your followers to watch the movie too with a free trial of Fearless and then let you know what they think of it in the comments.

Website & App Owners

  1. Display Ads: In the Google Drive folder we provided to you, there is a collection of Display ads that you can use on your site or in your app, and link it back to your affiliate link.  This is a great way to use unused inventory.
  2. Mailing Lists: Do you have an Email Newsletter list? This is a great opportunity to include a discount code in your Newsletter along with your link.

Ideas for Writers & Bloggers

  1. In-Depth Movie Reviews: If you are a writer, then it could be the perfect opportunity for you to write some movie/show reviews for content on Fearless and link it back to Fearless with your unique link so that you potentially earn money when people read your reviews.

Part 2: Tips for Success

1. Share the things you love!

Your fanbase trusts you – thats why they follow you! Share authentically and recommend shows and movies on Fearless that YOU ACTUALLY LOVE! The more real you are, the more successful you’ll be. Affiliates make money on Fearless when their fanbase feels as if they HAVE TO watch the movies and shows you are recommending, so tell your fanbase what you love and why.

PRO TIP Video is much more engaging than a photo or text post. Try including video with you in it as part of your strategy.

2. Email isn’t dead.

We often hear that email is dead, but in fact, it’s not. Many affiliates have success with email whether they have an email newsletter or not.  If you have an email newsletter, use it to encourage your fans to take advantage of a free trial to test Fearless out and decide for themselves. If you don’t have an email newsletter, use email to send the info to key people you know that are likely to appreciate Fearless and what we stand for. A personalized email goes a long way.

PRO TIP Turn one person into many by encouraging those who sign up to tell a friend about it too. Make sure they use your link!

3. People like free. People like zero risk.

Your links come with a free trial so use that to your advantage. Remind people that they can try Fearless risk-free because if they decide to cancel before the free trial is up, then they won’t be charged.  With major platforms like Netflix and Disney+ famously getting rid of free trials, this is your opportunity to remind them that Fearless is a safer bet than those other platforms due to no risk.

4. YouTube is everything.

YouTube is the most popular video site on the internet, but its also a search engine too. Try making videos telling people about Fearless and include your affiliate link in the description.  You can create an entire series of videos with topics like: “My Top 5 Comedies on Fearless,” “My Fave Thrillers on Fearless,” “The Top 10 Best Creators on Fearless” and more.

5. Try “Sponsored by Fearless.”

People understand what Sponsored means really well. They understand that a brand is giving you something in exchange for you promoting them in some way. It’s a term that doesn’t need to be explained, which can be helpful for you.  You can include a “Sponsored by Fearless” message on a video that ISN’T about Fearless in particular and encourage your fans to get a free trial of Fearless via the link in the description. For added benefit, you can also communicate a phrase such as “doing so really helps out this channel so thank you for your support.”

WARNING You cannot use “Sponsored by Fearless” on any video that contains a Banned Topic Matter as described here.

Part 3: Leveling Up Your Skills

Success as an Affiliate either for Fearless or for any other brand, is a skill. Like any skill, you can hone it and get better at it. Below we’ve compiled some articles we personally love so you can do some additional reading to plan out how you will be a successful affiliate marketer.

Updated on September 29, 2021

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