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Welcome Guide for the Fearless Ambassador Program

New to the Program? If you’re not yet registered as an Ambassador/Affiliate, or if you know a friend who would like to sign up, here is the signup link: https://ambassadors.fearless.li/signup

Accessing Your Account

You can log in to your dashboard here: https://ambassadors.fearless.li

You can reset your password here:

Take Note: If you have a Fearless account, your login for the Fearless Affiliate Program is NOT THE SAME. The Ambassador Program is separate from your Fearless Account.

1. How to Refer People

In order for you to successfully gain commissions, you must use the link(s) provided to you in your affiliate dashboard. They contain unique tracking info that tells the system that the referral came from you.

Coupon Code(s)

In addition, you can give your fans a special price through coupon codes. You can request a unique coupon code to share with your audience by emailing support@fearless.li (if you want a specific coupon code – let us know – must be in all caps and 1 word only. Ex: SAMROCKS).

Warning: Using your coupon code alone is not enough. You must also use your unique link as it’s the link that tracks your commission earnings. The coupon code simply gives your followers a sweet discount (which makes them more likely to sign up and makes you more likely to earn revenue), but they must still arrive at the Fearless site from YOUR link.

2. What Assets Can I Use?

Approved Brand Materials

We’ve created a folder of Approved Branded Materials that you can share to your audience to gain referrals.


You can find a collection of shareable GIFs of Fearless films and shows here:

Creative Content

You can also create your own content. Post photos, videos, blog posts or more that contain ideas on what to watch on Fearless, share your personal Fearless Faves, make a video where you react to a piece of content, recreate your fave scene or character, and so on.  Be creative!

3. Social Tagging

Branded Content Tag

If you are an affiliate with us, you can request to use the Branded Content Tag on Facebook and Instagram.

Standard Tagging

You can also tag Fearless across social platforms. We are @watchfearless on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. Our YouTube is youtube.com/fearlessnetwork.

4. Money Stuff

Commission Rates

The standard commission rate is 30% of the monthly fee for 3 months OR 3 payments for every new Member you send our way.

When are commissions due?

Commissions are payable 60 days after the transaction(s). Your payments will appear in your dashboard and you can withdraw at any time.

How do I get paid?

Once you have a balance you want to withdraw, email support@fearless.li with the subject line “Ambassador Withdrawal” and you will be paid out via PayPal. Maximum 1 withdrawal per calendar month. Wait period may be from 7-30 days assuming the period has ended.

What currency are commissions paid out in?


5. Questions? Need help?

We are here for you anytime via email at support@fearless.li. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.

6. Additional Terms

Ambassador Misconduct: In the event of affiliate misconduct (including misconduct elsewhere on the web or in-person unrelated to Fearless), Fearless reserves the right to terminate individual offending ambassadors.

Termination of the Program: Fearless reserves the right to terminate the Fearless Ambassador Program(s) at any time in its sole discretion. In the event of termination of the program, you will be provided with a minimum of 30 days notice and commissions will continue to be paid out for the following 60 days after the end of the termination (or 90 days from the date we notify you) to account for referrals you may have had in progress or materials you had already planned for. 

Updated on February 15, 2022

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